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For the high achiever not wanting to settle with mediocre results, ELITE teaches you how to prepare off track and how to execute on track, lap after lap after lap. We’ve got the experience and love of teaching to personally take you to the top 1% like you know you can be.

Start 2024 Like A Champion

Our members aren't just winning races. They're taking it all.
Here's a partial list of the 2023 Championships from our ELITE member roster. (This doesn't include all the runner ups, top 5s, or top 10s.)

  • Kris Whitfield - NHRA D5 Super Comp

  • Christopher Dodd - NHRA D4 Super Comp

  • Jesse Dobson - Super Pro @ Hi Line

  • Mikie Sturgill - Top Bulb @ Kilkare

  • Michael Gramlich - Mod ET @ Mid Michigan

  • Seth Bevin - Pro @ Silver Dollar

  • Robert Butler - Super Pro @ Sonoma

  • Matt Kielman - Pro @ Portland

  • Dustin Purviance - Super Pro @ Julesburg

  • Udo Richter - Sportsman @ Sonoma

Champ List Part 2

Sorry, we just have a *ton* of champions from 2023 thanks to ELITE. Had to add another section for all of them.

  • Paul Allen - Pro @ Gainesville

  • Chris Cumming - Super Pro @ New England

  • Junior Chinn - Street Bike @ Renegade

  • Ron Parks - HITH & Nostalgia @ Woodburn

  • Richard Harder - Super Pro @ Saskatchewan

  • Lance Love - No Box @ Prescott

  • Les Kane - Top Spt Series @ New England

  • Bruce Boyle - Stick Eliminator @ NMCA

  • Rene deGroof - Top @ I57

...But it's more than a library

You get the entire library of on-demand lessons immediately, plus...

  • Private group to bounce ideas and questions off Luke, Justin, and 600+ other high-achieving and big name racers

  • 10% off products from big names like Biondo, Portatree, BTE, K&R, Pro1, ELITE member businesses, and more

  • Three new events every week: Live Q&As, training videos, interactive strategy sessions, practice tree exercises, group calls (ladies only, beginners, health) and more


Luke Bogacki

Winner of over $2M behind the wheel of a race car. Three world championships. Numerous divisional titles. But I’m still making mistakes; I’m still getting better. That process never stops. Now I get to share that knowledge with racers like you, who are every bit as passionate about this sport.

Justin Lamb

Five NHRA World Championships, including the rare double in Stock and Super Stock. For bottom bulb racers, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better brain to pick than Justin's.

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