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Give your driver a truly one-of-a-kind-gift this off season.

We want real, growth-minded Jr families to join us this off season for the only program of its kind.

We've learned a lot with our ELITE for "big cars". Now, we've created a new, from-scratch program specifically for Jr racers of all ages.

With three levels of racers, your driver will be in a closed-off, completely private, and password protected members-only area with other drivers of their abilities.

Get the lessons, tools, and racing strategies you and your driver can use to drive better and enjoy your time at the track.

Join month to month and cancel anytime. However, we suggest charter members commit to 3 months to get the full benefit as charter members.

Their Feedback...

ThisIsBracketRacing Jr is a new program, so we don't have a wealth of testimonials... yet. In the process of researching and developing TIBR Jr, we have, however, worked hands-on with a handful of Jr. drivers and families.

Keith & Buffy Wied

Parents to the '21 WCF Champion and 6-time Midwest Jr Super Series Points Champion Tyler Wied and 6-time Midwest Jr Super Series Points Champion Carson Wied

Keith Wied

Buffy Wied

Fritts Family

Jesse Fritts and his grandfather Kim will be joining TIBR Jr. Jesse is a 3-time track champion, 2-time Jr Dream Team champion, and 6-time Midwest Junior Super Series event winner.

     "When we started racing Jr Dragsters, bracket racing was fairly new to us. Understanding dialing, carrying numbers, driving the top end, and making the car run was a new adventure as well as a major challenge. I believe that This is Bracket Racing Jr. will help parents and drivers understand and improve on driving, staging, leaving and big end driving. 

     Luke’s reputation as a racer and teacher is unrivaled in the Drag Racing community.

     For the driver, parent, crew chief or team that wants to accel and learn how to succeed at a faster pace, this program will cover all of the bases. There couldn’t be a better person to co-ordinate and organize a racing program as his program for big car racers has seen extreme success. Also, with his track record in his personal career, this becomes a very complete program.

     This program will come with being a part of a community of jr racers, allowing you the opportunity to work with other people who might be experiencing the same challenges that you might be.

     There is no doubt that had this program been available during our time with the Jr Dragster, our learning curve wouldn’t have been as steep and our early years certainly would have been more enjoyable on track!!!!"

- Kim Fritts

Jesse Fritts

Dominic Bowden

Dominic Bowden and his son Braden have scored multiple "big buck" Jr wins.

Dominic Bowden

ThisIsBracketRacing Junior

  • Secure

    Yours and your driver's account are in a completely walled-off and passworded community. Only members are in. No social media account needed.

  • Grow With Us

    We're looking for charter members to work with us to build an amazing program for you and for other parents and drivers just like you.

  • Expert Input

    Many parents tell us their driver just won't listen to them. It's been proven that we're more likely to listen to the expert we don't know. If you want your driver to grow, you might need an outside expert.

The Instructors

TIBR Jr Driver Instructor

Luke Bogacki

Instructor Luke Bogacki is a 3-time NHRA World Champion and former Spring Fling Million Winner. Luke was 11 years old when NHRA introduced the Jr. Drag Racing League in 1993: he won the first Junior Dragster race at his then home track, Texas Raceway. His NHRA Division 4 J/D championship was his first of 8 division crowns. Now, bringing it full circle, his son Gary competes in the Jr Drag Racing League.

TIBR Jr Driver Instructor

Justin Lamb

Justin Lamb is a 5-time NHRA World Champion as well as a multiple time Division Champion and National Event Winner. Justin started in the Junior Drag Racing League at the age of 8 in 1995. He won his first Junior Dragster race at the old Las Vegas Motor Speedway and that became the first of a very successful Junior career that included Division Championships. Today, his son Jayce is also racing in the Junior Drag Race League.

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